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Cowboy Casserole

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen How about a new recipe for 2021? Not that changing the calendar does anything magical and makes the awful things of 2020 go away, but it is a convenient time to start or explore new things. This here recipe is not difficult and is mighty tasty. It was given to me by Charlene Osborne. I'm giving her credit because, like other recipes, people start with the basic instructions and then make adjustments as they see fit. She made it hers. That's what you'll do.  I understand that the version Charlene encountered at first was not exactly something to send a telegram home about. The measurements are in the US Customary System. Y'all will have to do conversions your ownselves if you want things in millimetrics. Product names listed are because she uses them, not because either of us is being paid to promote them. You savvy that, Sam?   Prep time is about 15 minutes, then it bakes for 25-30 minutes. Cowboy Casserole Ingredients: • 1 pound of hamburger (or