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The Secular Science Industry Propagandizes Same-Sex Attraction

We are told that the peer review process in the secular science industry is a method of providing truth and accuracy, and ensuring correct procedures were followed in submitted papers. That sounds like a mighty good idea, but peer-reviewed papers are often bad, downright fraudulent, or hoaxes.

Homosexual activists passed a peer-reviewed paper in Science magazine, but that should not have happened. It was fake science research, and Science was embarrassed by the fraudulent tactics. The secular science industry did not seem to learn from this.

The secular science industry was embarrassed by a peer-reviewed paper that promoted same-sex attraction. Then the same thing happened again.
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After the Science humiliation and the "We're so sorry if we've caused you any pain, Uncle Albert, and boy, does this hurt the credibility of science itself in the public eye" schtick, the disastrous Obergefell decision by the US Supreme Court struck. (That is one reason I believe we're under divine Judgment.) After that ruling, the militant Gaystapo cut loose with harassing people who disagree with their anti-biblical lifestyles. Indeed, they attack anyone who doesn't praise their depravity.

Since the secular science industry has become a tool of leftist politics, it should not be surprising that the same kind of homosexual propaganda has struck again, this time in Australia. People were told (and some were convinced) that sexuality is a continuum that changes. The research was scrofulous and infested with propaganda, but still passed peer review.

So much for caring about credibility. This is about rebellion against God. We see it all the time in the promotion of dust-to-deviant evolution, the way secularists support leftist causes, and then this nonsense. A whole heap of folks need to humble themselves and repent.

In 2014, a gay activist named Michael LaCour was forced to retract a paper . . . . It was a pro-homosexuality “study” pretending to be scientific, in which LaCour’s gay buddies canvassed houses in conservative districts and nudged them to drop their objections to gay marriage. The paper claimed that the “experiment” increased support for gay marriage by 8 percentage points. When LaCour’s unscientific and propagandistic methods were exposed along with his conflict of interest, Science was embarrassed for having let it through peer review, and retracted the paper.

. . . 

Now the coast is clear, Nature apparently thinks, for more naked LGBT advocacy disguised as empirical science. Three “researchers” at the University of Sydney, Australia, just published in Nature‘s open-access journal Science Advances a paper with similar tactics. In a “survey” experiment, researchers lied to and propagandized hundreds of Aussies to nudge them toward gay acceptance, using similar research misconduct as LaCour did. . . . The 55 references at the end – all pro-LGBT – reveal where the authors are coming from.

Ain't no way I'm going to copy the whole article. To read it all, and I hope you do, click on "Gays Use Science Journal to Propagandize."

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