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For the Right Reasons, or Even Self-Preservation

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Something I believe in is doing what is right just because it is the right thing. Maybe something small, a simple courtesy, or even helpful. I heard some women at a previous workplace talking about how they do not need to move over to the left and let traffic merge, that is the problem for that driver. Changing lanes to the right to help someone merge could also prevent a crash, so those girls can still be selfish and helpful at the same time. In some states, the ones who refused to move might even be at fault. If not for decency, think about self-preservation.

Man in Manhattan, Unsplash / Diane Picchiottino (slightly modified)

Some time ago, I told you (because reasons and stuff) that I have a position that involves wrangling venomous snakes at Universal Widgets. A good part of the property is open to the public, so just about anyone can visit the area.

I noticed a guy walking around who had a distinct appearance. In addition, he dressed rather nicely, tidy, shaven, and all that good stuff. He showed up several times and didn't bother anyone. I wondered why he came there so often, and I wondered several things.

But I kept my yap shut. There is a phrase sometimes attributed to Kurt Vonnegut, "If you can do no good, at least do no harm." Besides, getting mouthy or doing harm can come back and bite like a viper.

Meanwhile, I was having knee pain. On 25 November, I went after work to an urgent care facility. The doctor had X-rays taken, prescribed an anti-inflammatory pain medication, and told me to keep it elevated and put cold packs on it. Also, he urged me to follow up with someone in orthopedics.

The appointment finally arrived on 15 December. The pain had worsened despite the treatments, so I was glad to go. The orthopedist came into the examining room and introduced himself. He looked familiar. I asked him if he visited my workplace. He answered in the affirmative, and was also a friend of a superior of mine at Universal Widgets!

He gave me a diagnosis and a cortisone shot in the meniscus, and he was encouraging that this may not lead to surgery or loss of the job because I couldn't be on my feet as much as the company requires. I was "buying trouble" for myself imagining the worst that may happen without a valid reason.

I wonder what would have happened if I had been judgmental and mouthy when I saw him before? No matter what, it was best that I kept going about my business and left him to do his.