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Grassroots, Question Evolution Day, and what is more Important

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Way back on 4 May 2011, Don Batten of Creation Ministries International wrote about a "Question Evolution" campaign. It seemed strange to me, calling it a "grassroots" because it was not initiated at the popular level.

Pay attention here. I had a wrong opinion based on conjecture, which is something people do far too often. I did not act on it. Instead, I learned that essentially a grassroots movement/campaign is a way of having the people take action, not a political party or other organization. Those others may initiate the action, however.

What is more important than easily being involved in a grassroots movement, spreading the foundation of the gospel message? Some people think it is sports, or something else that is shiny..
Grass background for Question Evolution Day from Hippopx

CMI seems to have edited down the original, but at the Wayback Machine, you can see an article about the "Question Evolution" campaign plus the comments. Two months later, I added my comment, suggesting a coordinated Question Evolution Day. Nothing happened.

If y'all are interested in my comment, click for larger

After spearheading the QED project a few times (the Fakebook Page was already established by then), I wrote to CMI and asked them if they would write an article about the annual event. They suggested that I should write it myself. After correspondence and editing, my first article for them appeared on 9 February 2016.

What you see above was my way of trying to get the grass to grow; people can't get involved if they don't know about an event. They also need motivation.

While working at my place of employment, I complained to a supervisor that there were people who obviously did not care about doing even the minimums of their jobs. Those slackers create more work for the rest of us. His reply struck me as something very wise: "You can't make people care." While I'll allow that I get almost excessive in writing, posting, and trying to get support for Question Evolution Day, I don't expect others to try this hard.

"But Cowboy Bob, you said something is more important!"

What is more important than the creation message, which is essential to the gospel? It depends on the individual. It can also be determined by trends, herd mentality, and anything shiny can be a distraction — and even a religion. Things gets supreme importance because reasons and stuff. Strange, though, that they can't even share a post with a hashtag.

At that same workplace, I heard a discussion about (American) football. The phrase, "Your team" was used. I had heard it before, but this time I realized some other things. In addition to people turning sports into a religion (they know more about players, statistics, point spreads, betting and such than most people know the Bible), it is also an extension of themselves. I messed with a Yankees fan by changing his profile picture, removing the Yankees logo and giving his cap the Red Sox logo. For some folks, that's sacrilege.

People are having parties and such to focus on The Big Game. Nothing else matters. I've even remarked that Super Bowl Sunday is a religious holiday.

There has been noteworthy support from Why?Outreach, Rational Faith, Veritas Domain and others over the years. I have to remember two things: some shares on Fakebook cannot be seen because the shares were not public, and also that some people share things very frequently anyway. They have helped a great deal when this child was ready to give it up. After all, even though I started QED, it's a gift of sorts to the creation community. Hopefully, they'll see fit to keep it going.

I never did find out the origin of the term grassroots movement.

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