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My Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Here is how it happened. After several years of being a desk jockey and working data entry jobs with little physical activity, I was unemployed for a long period of time. With a great deal of reluctance, I took a job that required almost continual standing and walking.

Because of going from little activity to doing a great deal (which included sitting cross-legged on the floor), plus my previous lifestyle, I developed knee pain. Eventually, it got so bad I went to urgent care immediately after work one day.

They took X-rays and told me to stay away from working for a few days, put ice on it several times a day (cold packs, really), keep my leg elevated. The picture on the right shows me using my wife's laptop, a cold pack, and the seldom-used cane is visible. Doctor's note didn't matter, I got in trouble with the workplace.

 This first picture is from before the surgery.

I took the doctor's recommendation and followed up with a specialist, and he gave me a cortisone shot. It did help a bit. That, and controversial kinesiology tape kept me working. The orthopedist recommended getting into what I call the Damadian Device (the MRI, which was invented by Raymond Damadian). He was baffled that I had no fall or other trauma to cause this. I believe that the combination of previous sedentary jobs and unemployment, then the new one where I did stuff that was fine if I was twenty or forty, but not for someone my age, were major factors. Can't prove it, of course.

The test showed that I had a torn medial meniscus. A follow-up visit found me agreeing with the doctor that tape, ice, and restricting movements is no way to live. Best to fix things, get it "cleaned up." That meant arthroscopic surgery. Surgery takes about half an hour, then I go home. Two to four weeks off work, though. Yeah, we should get this done.

To keep the job and get some pay, I put in for a medical leave of absence with a third-party insurance company that is associated with my workplace. Paperwork needs to be done, and if the hospital folks do their part, I'll get back pay and be able to keep my job.

Another doctor meeting. This time, it was with the surgeon. After I told him I wanted the surgery, he sent me into a room where the nice lady set things up. There was pre-op testing, and the surgery date was set for 6 March 2023. Very glad I printed out a list of my medications and vitamins for the interview! A couple of days later, I was called and given the time of the surgery.

There were text messages on my phone, one from the provider and one from the pharmacy. I was prescribed an opioid narcotic of a combination acetaminophen and oxycodone. It's gonna hurt, ain't it? I've had these things before and don't like them. Even though I could mayhaps get $50 a pill, they're not for sale. You savvy?

I had to be at the hospital at 0600.

No eating or drinking after midnight on 5 March (actually, I had nothing after about 1945, which means 7:45 PM). Don't take any vitamins or supplements, drop the daily aspirin therapy, no medications on the day of the surgery (omeprazole was optional so I skipped it). One of my main anxieties is that I could be late and foul things up, resulting in rescheduling and other hassles. We got up at 0400. I showered with Dial Gold soap because they wanted me to, and that bar was the only kind my father felt he could use. Memories.

May as well check stuff while waiting.
We arrived early, but with any medical facility and the military, it's hurry up and wait. Questions, more questions, repeating what was discussed before. Finally, I was wheeled away.

I told them in the OR that since I was on my back and it was Michelangelo's birthday, I could paint the ceiling... Tough crowd.

Bonus for me: The orthopedist who referred me attended with the surgeon. I had no worries having two capable people taking care of me.

Recovery room, back to the room I started with, instructions, and other things. Why did I bring crutches? They issued them to me in that pre-surgical testing thing. But the doctor is one of those who has "full weight-bearing" after surgery. Yep, stand up and walk. I did use the crutches to get up the stairs, and I'm using a cane. Yeah, it hurts. Ibuprofen is still my friend. And I'm using that cane.

My prayers that God would give the medical professionals skill, wisdom, and compassion in doing the surgery were answered with a resounding yes. Now the waiting for recovery (unless there's a miraculous event waiting for me). And the paperwork. And hoping the insurance doesn't pull another fast one, but never mind about that now. Big day, lack of sleep — which I hope I can get back tonight.

By the way, I wrote a creation science post to publish at 0600 on that day. If y'all are so inclined while I'm reclined in the same chair using my wife's laptop again, see "Knee Joints and Alleged Evolution."

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