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A Light in the Loneliness

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Although I picked up this tip on a site about grieving, it can be useful for a passel of people. It was about coming home to an empty residence. That has less impact on me than it may for many other people because I worked earlier than Charlene did. That means I got back while she was still working.

The site suggested a way to cut the lonely arrival was to get an appliance timer and have it switch on a lamp, radio, or something. I pondered it for a spell, then got a cheap appliance timer. 

Looking out from the bedroom, it is obvious where the lamp is
Mayhaps the one we had is still here somewhere, but what I got was only five dollars. Difficult to fine tune and a big hassle fixing after a power outage, I should have bought the twelve dollar version that is more precise.

While I still hate waking up and knowing my beloved is not here, the light comes on about three minutes after the alarm goes off. Well-situated to light the kitchen and living room for my needs in the morning. It turns off after I have gone to work (anybody paying attention would see me leave a lighted place and that the light goes off later). Also, I use it from late afternoon until bed time.

The recommendation in the article has been very practical for me. Also, it's an old trick for security purposes; I remember my parents using one when we went away on vacations and such. Does this really fool potential burglars? Could be.

Although there's nothing deep here, I hope someone finds this brief article helpful.