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Missing Her on Question Evolution Day

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Today is the thirteenth annual Question Evolution Day, and is a surprising entry in the Year of Firsts without Charlene. I invented the thing, inspired by the Question Evolution! campaign by Creation Ministries International (my comment as "Robert S." was posted on July 4, 2011.) At first, QED was not something we did together.

After a radio interview I had, the host suggested some things to enhance the observance. These included food items. We ended up planning on doing this annually.

Made at RedKid
Today I made pancakes and found out why blueberries are preferred over blackberries: Those puppies were an inch long and lumpy, making for uneven cooking. Charlene would have known better, and I had to learn it my ownself. For supper, I'm going to open up a can of split pea soup (primordial slime) and do fish fry takeout (Darwin's disciples believed we evolved from fish) from the same diner we've done before. She's not here to make a layer cake (representing geologic column) which she had done a couple of times, so I'll see if the bakery at Hannaford has a slice.

Glad I took this picture of the evolutionary supper; she made the soup

Although Charlene was participating in the food things for me, they brought her pleasure as well. In fact, one year I was so discouraged by professing creationists not caring enough to share links and put a #questionevolutionday hash tag on them, I was going to skip it. She wanted to continue. So this is for me, but also a tribute to my departed darling. Hopefully, this article is useful for the grieving.