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Bright Boy Goofs on Laundry Day

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

This is a lighter subject, but first, some background is needed.

A spell back, I wrote an article that should be practical for bereaved people as well as those who are not going through grief. It involved having routines. I lost my wife, and she was also my best friend for about twenty-four years. The grief fog (kind of like being in shock) was heavy in me, and caused much confusion. Be kind to those who mourn, they are often not thinking clearly. And very tired.

My laundry needs are simple because I am alone: Everything in one machine, wash in cold water. (Detergents have improved over the years, and clothes come out well.) But I detest shrinking shirts, so those don't go in the dryer. I live near Laundroland (my name for it, not theirs), so I bring home the shirts and put them on hangers and on the shower curtain bar to dry.

On a humorous note, I messed up on keeping to my routine on laundry day. It meant either making an extra trip, or improvising. The cooler became a makeshift laundry hamper.
Cooler becomes laundry tote
The hamper gets carted back and forth, and my rule is to empty out the damp clothes, then put it in front of the door so I have to see it on my way back. Instead, I put it away. When I got back to Laundroland to get the dryer clothes, I had nothing to put them in. Bright boy*. I could go back home, which is not far (hence the extra trips), but I really didn't want to do that.

A few weeks earlier, I purchased a cooler. No, I don't carry beer to the beach or sodas to picnics. This was for shopping. Hot weather is coming, and I wanted to protect food on those days. It resides in the trunk. You see where this is going, especially if you looked at the picture.

Being a cowboy at heart and some MacGyver-inspired improvisation, I crammed the dryer stuff into the cooler and made it into a makeshift laundry hamper for a few minutes. Of course, the next week I followed the routine correctly.

I hope this was worth a bit of a chuckle for you.

Here is a video we liked, and has some inside jokes (the real name of Cledus T. Judd is Barry Poole, who was a friend of Toby Keith and made parodies of a few of his songs).

*Bugs Bunny looked at the viewers, gestured at a stupid character and said, "Bright boy."