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Resurrection Day 2022

Glory to God, Jesus Christ has risen from the dead! That means he has defeated death, and all who believe in him have the blessed hope of eternal life. There is a fearful expectation of eternal life in Hell for those who have rejected God's offer of salvation. It is amazing that atheists are so hateful, and without hope in life, that they not only spit in the face of Jesus, but try to destroy our faith.

Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Our hope is certain because it is based on the person of Jesus. Don't let anyone try to take your eyes off him!

Pixabay / congerdesign
I'm not going to post an article here. Instead, here's a list of what I've written up for this Easter season. Some of these were written several months in advance:
  • The Crucifixion and Counting to Three — People say it is not possible to get three days from the Crucifixion on Friday to the Resurrection on Sunday. Modern readers of ancient texts have a habit of imposing their own cultures, experiences, and opinions on them. It is actually easy to reconcile.
  • God Did Not Use Death to Create — God did not use evolution as creation. Such a view is fundamentally flawed, negating the reason for the death and Resurrection of Jesus.
  • Archaeology and the Resurrection of Jesus — The bible contains specific details not found in myths. Many of these about the Resurrection of Jesus are supported by archaeology.
  • Ancient Easter Creed Defeats Naturalism — Th Apostle Paul wrote down the earliest Christian creed, which stated the Resurrection of Jesus. Scholars have analyzed and affirmed its historicity.
  • Miracles and the Evolution of Jesus — Secularists try to dismiss the Resurrection and miracles through naturalistic means. Some claim religion evolved. That is the opposite of the truth.