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Cannabis and Mental Illness

It has been common knowledge for decades that drugs affect the mind, and the 1960s drug use explosion helped establish cannabis as a household word. Stoners would proudly display the sweet leaf emblem of their false god.

Even though marijuana use has been legalized in many states for medicinal purposes, results are dubious at best. Smoking a joint can actually worsen medical conditions. It has been known for years that cannabis users get paranoid and lethargic, but things are actually much worse.

People have known for many years that cannabis causes mental problems in users, it is worse than previously thought. Also, drug use and witchcraft.
Original image from Pexels / Kindel Media, modified, plus a modified Wicca symbol from Open Clipart
It is interesting that φαρμακεία (pharmakeia), the Greek word that is the root of pharmacy, is about witchcraft and sorceries in the New Testament. Drugs were prominent in occult arts, and witches managed to get hallucinogenic materials from certain plants. This is part of the idea that witches flew on brooms, as many hallucinated the experience. I reckon there's a similar attitude of rebellion against God with witches and recreational drug users.

Weed advocates use a passel of circular reasoning, like evolutionists cite each other, with confirmation bias. When a stoner stays, "Uh, yeah, look maaaaaan. An article in this stoner magazine says pot is harmless. When I come down from a high, I'm not like people who drank all night and have hangovers, dude!" In addition to invalid comparisons, they ignore material that is not from recreational drug advocates.

Affirming what many already knew, but also adding a further warning, is that Mary Jane is a bad girl and messes with your mind. Cannabis contributes to psychoses, and makes conditions like schizophrenia even worse.

New research is increasingly supporting the premise that the effects of cannabis, commonly called marijuana, can be very harmful to health. One significant study from 2012 was published in the leading American medical journal, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The research provided further support for the conclusion that the mind-altering drug marijuana is an important factor influencing the onset of schizophrenia. Scientists in Denmark used a nationwide, register-based cohort sample to research “the population-attributable risk fraction for cannabis-use disorder in schizophrenia” and found that it “increased from approximately 2% in the period to 1995 to approximately 6% to 8% since 2010.”

To read the rest, fly on over to "Cannabis Use Linked to Mental Disorders". Also recommended are "What does the Bible say about witchcraft / witches?" and "Smoking that Doobie, Brother".

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