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The Resurrection Brings Hope in Several Ways

It is Easter again, the time when many professing Christians observe the bodily Resurrection of Jesus, God the Son, from the dead. On such an important time, we should be seriously examining Good Friday as well as Resurrection Sunday.

Unfortunately, many of us make several mistakes. The most obvious is that we take it lightly and go through our routines and rituals. Those are functional and even fun. We need to also consider things we do wrong, and also how Easter gives us hope in several ways.

While it is good to have Easter fun, rituals, routines, we make some mistakes. We also need to seriously consider the ways the Resurrection gives hope.
Resurrection wooden art, Pixabay / CP
This post was written in 2023, partly with the idea that it would appear even if I had died before the scheduled date. I edited in this paragraph. Something worse for me happened. I lost my beloved wife Charlene, who was also my best friend, in September of 2023. She and Jesus are waiting for me, along with others who have gone before.

Although some professing Christians join with atheists in denying it, the Resurrection is a historical fact. The obvious hope we have is that Jesus defeated death, and we shall live forever in Heaven. We may focus on that so much and emphasize spiritual things that we neglect the physical aspects. There is a resurrection for us as well, and I will be reunited with my beloved Charlene. The Apostle Paul wrote several times about the Resurrection and the witnesses that were still living at that time.
Paul offers the example of his own life and commitment as evidence of the resurrection. Indeed, the commitment and willingness of all the apostles to face death in their work is evidence that they wholeheartedly believed the events of Easter to have been real. While Paul mentions the men, the Gospels speak of several women who were the first to witness the resurrection (Matthew 27:61, Luke 24:10, Mark 16:9). Even secular researchers admit that the disciples really believed they had seen the risen Christ; for example, historian and theologian Paula Fredriksen comments:

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