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The Mysterious Wedding Rings

My parents were deceased by the time Charlene and I were married, so I had their wedding rings in my possession. Two sets. The first was plain gold bands, the second was for their 50th anniversary. Those were a bit more ornate with a diamond. We opted for the second set.

To wear my father's ring, I had to get it resized downward. It could not go any smaller, but it was still loose on my finger. I took it off for showering and other things, usually setting it on the dresser. One day, I realized it was missing. I never found it, and it has been months — possibly a year.

My wedding ring disappeared. After Charlene died, I wore a substitute ring. When that disappeared, something mysterious and amazing happened.
Someone pointed out the look of love on her face when putting the ring on my finger.
After Charlene suddenly died, I sought the original wedding ring set from my parents. I wanted to wear one because I still love her, and it was a connection to my father. (Even so, a co-worker tried to fix me up, "When you're ready to move on, I know a nice girl..." She was my wife and best friend, not a hamster to be replaced.) The substitute ring...I'm not sure what I felt, maybe I got a bit of comfort somehow.

An unconscious habit, I would move my thumb and touch the underside of the ring. Since it was loose fitting, I would often rotate it so the diamond was back on top. This touching habit continued with the substitute ring. I had been wearing it for about nine months. While working one day, I noticed it was gone.

Did I simply leave it home and would find it on the dresser? Unlikely because of that habit of touching it with my thumb. I've lost a bit of weight, it may have dropped off. When I arrived at the apartment, it was nowhere to be found. Yes, I cried a bit.

The next morning at the workplace, I asked about lost and found. The lady handed me a bag of rings and some other jewelry. Is that it? No, too new and a bit thicker. That one? No, but it sure is nice. Wait, what's that? If the company runs the security footage for that morning, my face and reactions would provide them entertainment. No, not the ring I lost the day before. Instead, it was the original ring from our wedding! I have no idea how I could have lost it there. I unashamedly wept for joy in front of my coworkers.

God blessed and comforted me that day.